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When You Wish Upon A Star – A Princess PR Makeover

This weekend I went to see the latest Disney movie “The Princess And The Frog” with my friend and her daughter (I had to tag along with someone with a child so I wouldn’t look odd sitting through a “kiddie” movie, although I’ve been dying to see it !). I absolutely loved it! Not only […]

Crisis Communications 101 – Lessons from Tiger

When the story first broke that golf great Tiger Woods had crashed his car into a fire hydrant after an alleged argument with his wife, I resisted blogging about it. After all, everyone’s human and mistakes happen. But after he released a statement acknowledging his infidelity several days after a number of accusations of his […]

The HR and PR Implications of David Letterman

I have been a HUGE fan of David Letterman for years. One of the reasons why I think he’s so hilarious is that his humor also demonstrates that he’s extremely intelligent. That’s why I was somewhat shocked at his recent revelation that he had been the victim of a plot to blackmail him about his […]

Welcome to Kara’s Blog

Thanks so much for visiting Kara Thompson Enterprises, LLC, and my blog. Please visit again for my musings on public relations, events, and human resources matters as well as current events. Hopefully, this blog will provide you with ideas and information for your own business and will serve as a springboard for conversations about issues […]